Scanning Confocal

Below is an example of a low cost scanning confocal(ish) microscope we built. The pinhole array is moved by piezoelectric transducers, and super-resolution can be achieved in post-processing. The image on the bottom left are cell with fluorescent markers added.

Birch, P. M., and Helfrid Hochegger. 2016. “A Low Cost High Resolution Scanning Aperture Fluorescent Microscope.” In Photon 16. http://sro.sussex.ac.uk/63705/.

SPIM Microscope

A SPIM microscope we built to test multi-channel PMT imaging system.

Birch, P. M., Lamar Moore, Xiaofei Li, Roger Phillips, Rupert Young, and Chris Chatwin. 2016. “A Wide Field Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging System Using a Light Sheet Microscope.” SPIE Photonics Europe 9887 (April): 98871O – 98871O – 8.

An example of a fruit fly’s heartbeat

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