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  1. Hi,

    first of all, thanks for putting this together. It works almost perfect. The only problem I have is with the last track of every disc I rip this way. That track gets put in its own folder with a part of the artists or albums name. I can’t see any system in what name is given to the folder. The file is fine though and just needs to be copied over. Any Idea what could cause this?


    1. Hmm, this bug rings a bell and I think I fixed it. My system uses a slightly different version to this one so I’ll see if I can find the problem and update when I can.

      1. Nice! Thank you! I’m currently trying to figure it out and will update as soon as I find something. One thing I noticed is a problem with the empty post_read() in the .absde.conf. But removing it didn’t fix the problem

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